Free ONLINE Classes* for Students!
While we’re not able to offer our typical workshops at this time due to social distancing, we’ve been working with two very talented teachers to offer some unique opportunities to learn together!  We are offering two different online classes starting this month.
How do CHSMA Online Classes work?
CHSMA Online Classes provide students with four lessons as part of an integrated curriculum.  Lessons are progressive (they build on the skills explored in earlier lessons) with one lesson each week. CHSMA Online Classes are taught using a “flipped classroom” model.  This means the teacher provides instructional material to students before the live class to review.  Those skills are then explored and practiced during a real-time online interactive class provided on the Zoom platform. We’re excited to announce two very different Online Classes for you to try!

“The Science of Music” 

Explore the “how” and “why” of important musical concepts using fun activities designed especially for young students.  Our professional, accredited early education specialist has created a hands on curriculum using State Educational Standards for science and art.
  • Begins the week of May 11th.  Instructional material to be provided by Monday of each week.  Live online class (via zoom) to be held each Wednesday at 1:00 PM)
  • Recommended Ages: 11 years old and younger (please note that very young students may require an adult’s help)
  • Instructor: Gabriel Cleveland is a professional, accredited music teacher with Durham Public Schools and specializes in early education.  A private piano instructor at CHSMA, she works with younger students and is well known for her clear and age-appropriate lessons and inventive and appealing learning ideas.



“Guitar Pro: A Tutorial in Notation and Practice Methods”

A tutorial on how to use Guitar Pro, a music notation software primarily designed for guitar players but with features for easy notation in any instrument. Students will learn how to use the software to view, edit, learn and practice, and write music of their own.
  • Begins the week of May 25th.   Instructional material to be provided by Monday of each week.  Schedule for live classes TBD.
  • Recommended Ages: 12 and older (please note, younger students may request admission provided they read music and have a teacher recommendation)
  • Instructor: Andy McGirr