Our Music Program

CHSMA’s music program supports private lessons with periodic group instruction, multiple opportunities for public performance, workshops to broaden musical knowledge and special events.  Students may enroll at any time (or withdraw with 30 days notice).  Monthly tuition is all-inclusive.


  • 42 private lessons with a highly qualified teacher (available in 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions).
  • 4 group lessons (small group classes that encourage students to learn more about performing and musicianship).  Examples include performance classes, songwriting, and music reading.
  • 2 recitals (January and May, respectively).  Students perform in a beautiful space with plenty of seating for guests and live accompaniment as required.  Recitals are professionally run and give students the opportunity to share their work in a formal and celebratory setting.
  • Free access to all Special Events including workshops, master classes, concerts and other musical activities.  Visit our Calendar of Events to see what’s coming up!

We teach all major band and orchestral instruments as well as voice!  We are also proud to offer adaptive music lessons for students with special needs.