Curbing Stagefright and Shining On Stage


Join us for our upcoming workshop, “Curbing Stagefright and Shining On Stage” with CHSMA parent, Dr. Patricia Leigh, on Saturday, April 30, at 3PM.

Did you know that your brain controls everything in your body, even your mind? Find out how you can control your brain to work its best on stage. This fun, informational, and motivational workshop will teach performers how their brain operates and how brain functioning directly relates to performance anxiety. Performers will learn to conquer anxiety for peak creative performance. Lastly, Dr. Leigh will share brain-based techniques and strategies for immediate use so that performers can reach their fullest potential.

Participants will learn to:

Describe how your brain creates anxiety

Detail how you can control your brain for peak performance

Implement brain-based techniques and strategies for peak performance

About Dr. Leigh: 

Dr. Leigh is a highly trained and incredibly experienced Board Certified Neurofeedback expert. She has been helping children, adults and their loved ones for over 25 years. She has earned 4 graduate level degrees and doctoral training in 2 areas; Child Development & Cognitive Science. Dr. Leigh has trained through the Carrick Brain Institute’s Graduate Studies in the area of Functional Neurology and is an expert in treating ADHD, concussions, memory loss, and anxiety.



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