Spring Recital 2016 Information

Recitals will be held at the Community Church of Chapel Hill.   Students wishing to participate should speak to their teachers as soon as possible to register (registration closes on April 29th).

Students must be checked in at the concert hall no later than 30 minutes prior to the performance.   After signing in, they will be directed to their teacher for warm-ups and assistance in tuning their instruments.  Students will then be seated in performance order in the first two rows of the audience.  Guests will be seated prior to the beginning of the recital.  We do our best to keep performances to a reasonable length and ask that all students and their guests remain for the duration of the recital out of courtesy to the other performers.

Saturday May 21st

12:30 PM –  Percussion

Yan Westerlund 


2:00 PM – Voice and Piano 

Mary Elisabeth Hirsh

Ti Harmon

Minji Kim

3:30 PM –  Voice 

Meris Robinson

5:00 PM –  Voice 

Charles Higgins

Sunday May 22nd

2:30 PM – Strings and Woodwinds

Aya Yaida

Andrea Luke

Emma Dunlap-Grube

Freddy Perkins

4:00 – Voice 

Uzma Khan

5:30 PM Voice 

Sharon Szymanski

Dan Mason

Jennifer Shrader-Williams

Saturday, June 4th

11:00 PM – Piano

Chad Evans

Sarah Robinson

12:30 PM – Piano

Gordon MacLachlan

2:00 PM – Piano and Voice 

Natalee McReynolds

3:30 PM – Guitar

Daniel DeLorenzo

Justin Handy

Sam Davis-Castro

Salome Sandoval

5:00 – Strings

Rachel Seguin

Trev Wignall


Sunday, June 5th

2:30 PM – Piano

Barbara Houghton

4:00 PM – Potpourri

Fonda Laughlin

5:30 PM – Piano

Panos Messis

Gretchen Hoag