Halloween Party at Chapel Hill School of MAGICAL Arts!

First, we send our biggest thanks to our teachers, helpers and volunteers!   Thank you Heather, Assyaa, Kat, Fonda, Meris, Trev, Emma and Uzma!

On Saturday, CHSMA transformed into “Chapel Hill School of Magical Arts.”  Students arrived to find an acceptance letter and a small allowance of gold coins.  They went conductor’s want shopping and spent the surplus a the Dulcet Sounds Sweets Shop in Diatonic Alley.  Students attended a potions class (learning how to make a particular note using water and glasses), a music class (exploring electronic music) and a defense against dark arts class (where they learned the basics of conducting!).  After, students were treated to cookies and apple juice on the porch.  We had a wonderful time reaching out to students age 4 – 11 years, and we’re already looking forward to next year!