CHSMA Open on Feb 4th (Water Shortage Announcement)

The greater Chapel Hill/Carrboro area is currently under a total water usage ban.  Due to the low level of water reserves after the pipe break, the community has been told to use only bottled water for drinking, cooking, personal hygiene and the flushing of toilets.
As of now, CHSMA is planning on being open for business as usual for lessons at the school and we will go forward with recitals at the Community Church of Chapel Hill.  It is likely that we will not have drinking water available all day.  It is also likely that we will not have enough water to operate our restrooms as usual.  We are attempting to bring in some water for flushing from outside of Orange County, but this will be necessarily limited and kept in reserve for emergencies.  Luckily, CHSMA’s studio is located very close to the boundary between municipal water lines.  The closest public restrooms with full access to water will be on the other side of highway 40 (likely the shops and restaurants in New Hope Commons).  These are approximately 5-8 minutes away.
If you are unable to attend your lesson due to the lack of potable water or toilet facilities, please let your teacher know ASAP so they may schedule a make-up lesson.