“Disney Music” Day Madly Successful!

CHSMA’s students participated in events celebrating the wonderful and iconic music of Disney.  This year, our events were themed on the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland.  We constructed a giant tree in our classroom featuring colorfully lit lanterns, clocks that were precisely right two times a day, and the enigmatic Cheshire Cat.  Tables were decorated with flowers and perilously perched teacup sculptures.  Our children’s party was lead by the Mad Hatter (Freddy Perkins), the White Rabbit (Fonda Laughlin) and Alice (Meris Robinson).  Students played musical games and participated in enthusiastic sing-alongs.  After the sun set, the room was set up for our adult students and their guests.  Adult students and teachers alike enjoyed a casual and festive get together where some performed, some enjoyed the performance, and some were eventually convinced to join the former group by the end of the evening.