Adaptive Music Lessons

Music is for everyone! That’s a concept we strongly believe in here at Chapel Hill School of Musical Arts, which is why we proudly offer adaptive music lessons for students of all ages, from all walks of life, and with all kinds of diverse needs.

If you have a person in your life who has not had success in a traditional music education environment or who could benefit from studying music in an adaptive environment or through adaptive teaching strategies, then you’ll love the classes we offer!

Highly Qualified Instructors

When students sign up for our adaptive music lessons online or in-person, they’ll benefit from extremely well-qualified instructors. We provide only the best for our students, which is why our adaptive classes are led by a board-certified music therapist. We choose instructors who not only excel at music but who also have the training to make music come alive for people with unique needs

More than Just Music

Our adaptive music lessons online or in the studio are about more than just music. Yes, students can learn to appreciate music or to play an instrument, but we also focus on other goals as well. Perhaps your student could benefit from learning independence, behavioral skills, and more. We can teach these things through music. 

We ask those interested in our lessons to talk to us about their goals and desired outcomes for the lessons. From there, we can create a plan of action that is geared toward benefiting the specific student.

When you search adaptive music lessons near me, you might find other schools, but you won’t find one that offers the hands-on, individualized approach we do.

Contact Us Today

Ready to give our remote adaptive music lessons a try? Or, maybe you want to learn more about other options and to get to know us first. Whatever the case may be, we invite you to contact us! We’ll work together to bring the joy of music into a loved one’s life.