Faculty Bio

Salomé Sandoval holds a master's degree in classical guitar and graduate diploma in voice. A native of Venezuela, Salomé has taught private and classroom lessons for over 20 years, with a strong emphasis in parent/student co-teaching and learning, social outreach and technology. In addition to singing in church services Salomé specialty is singing and self-accompanying with different kinds of guitars (such as baroque guitars and lutes) in her group EL FUEGO Early Music Ensemble. More info at www.elfuegofire.com. Salomé currently teaches at CHSMA after re-locating from Boston, MA As a teacher Salome loves tailoring lessons to fulfill the needs of a diverse group of students, using the latest technology to appeal to younger generations as well as giving students live performance experiences. Believing that it is never too late to learn a musical instrument, she thrives on helping students succeed in their personal and academic goals. She understands that every student learns in a different way, and bases her teaching on the different sensory styles of learning. She believes that with patience and fun educational exercises, learning music is possible for anyone, and she also specializes in helping students self-accompany while singing their favorite songs.