Holiday Break Schedule, 2020

The holidays are almost upon us!  We wish you and yours a safe and festive season.   CHSMA will be closed for the following routine seasonal breaks and no private lessons are scheduled:

Fall Break:  Tues (11/24) – Sun (11/29)  *PLEASE NOTE!  Monday students have lessons on 11/23!*

Winter Break: Mon (12/21) – Sun (1/3)


OUR SUMMER SCHEDULE HAS CHANGED THIS YEAR DUE TO COVID-RELATED NEEDS. We will now be closed for our regular SUMMER BREAK the weeks of JUNE 28 – JULY 5 and AUGUST 9 – 15.

In addition to the weeks of SUMMER BREAK, each student is permitted four other weeks of SUMMER LEAVE during June, July and August. During these SUMMER LEAVE WEEKS,
students will not have their regularly scheduled lessons and tuition will be prorated accordingly.

Your monthly bill will include a credit for any SUMMER LEAVE WEEKS at the following rates:
30 minute lesson – $35.50
45 minute lesson – $46.75
60 minute lesson – $58.50

Please click this link and fill out the form carefully and submit it as soon as possible. Parents with MULTIPLE STUDENTS will need to submit a separate form for each child.

Due to billing cycles, we cannot guarantee prorated billing for late submissions.

Questions? Please contact [email protected]

Why Take Music Lessons from CHSMA?

Learn from highly qualified teachers!

CHSMA’s faculty represents a diverse population of professional musicians trained specifically to teach others.  Many of our instructors have one or more advanced degrees and are active performers.  We also genuinely love helping students develop their own passion for music in our facility, but now you can have the same teachers for virtual lessons at home.


You have options!

No matter where you are physically, you can have the same access to individualized instruction that we provide to in-studio students.  We are currently offering in-person lessons for piano, strings and guitar on a limited basis (with woodwinds and voice returning later this summer). If you feel that online learning is the best/safest option for your family, we’ll provide that option for as long as you need.


Responsable, in-person instruction!

CHSMA is taking precautions to ensure a safe return to in-person instruction.   Our faculty and staff are fully vaccinated.  We have temporarily closed our indoor waiting area (we have a beautiful covered porch available!), we’ve implemented additional cleaning procedures, require masks, have updated our air filtration system, and are using only our largest studios for instruction.  


We know how to do online music lessons right!

We offer online music lessons to students of all ages and abilities, and cover all musical styles and genres. Our teachers have received special, ongoing training on how to give great and effective lessons online.  They’re also supported by our vast library of digital accompaniments and other online resources.



A reputation you can count on!

This year marks CHSMA’s 21st anniversary.  In this time we have provided exceptional music education to thousands of students in the Triangle.  Our reputation is built on the quality of instruction, responsive customer service, and our integrity.  You can count on us!

Need a few more reasons to take music lessons?

  • Children with musical backgrounds do better in subjects like language, reading, and math and have better fine motor skills than their non-musical classmates.
  • Practice provides a daily routine that can help keep a sense of structure.
  • Learning a skill provides new experiences and opportunities to accomplish something substantial.
  • Music activates every known part of the brain.  Listening to it is good.  Playing it is better!
  • Playing music reduces chronic stress by lowering the stress hormone cortisol.
  • Music can make you feel more hopeful, powerful, and in control of your life.

There’s no better time to pick up an instrument and bring music into your life.

Schedule your consultation now!


COVID-19 and CHSMA Music Lessons (Continuity Plan)

March 18, 2020


Dear Parents and Students,

This notice is designed specifically to let you know how we’ll be doing our online lessons at CHSMA. Official online teaching will begin the week of 3/30, but some teachers may try to fit in makeup lessons prior to that. Teachers will be contacting you shortly to select and confirm the day/time of your recurring online lesson; some students may wish to keep their regular time but others may wish to change it since students will be available earlier in the day. 

ALL ONLINE LESSONS will be done through ZOOM, an online host which easily allows real time audio and video exchange between you and your teacher (many music teachers nationwide are successfully switching over to this format now).  

Prior to your first lesson, your teacher will contact you to schedule a short “set-up” session designed to connect you both easily on ZOOM. Here’s what will happen in your set-up session:

  1. At the scheduled time, you will get an email inviting you to accept a ZOOM meeting request from your teacher. 
  2. Click on the “Invitation” for the “Meeting” and you will be asked to download, open and install an app from Zoom. This will create the blue and white Zoom access “button” on your computer or other device.
  3. This will generate a “ring” as your teacher contacts you and will open a box showing a choice of Accept or Decline. CLICK ON ACCEPT.
  4. Then click on “JOIN WITH VIDEO” & “JOIN WITH COMPUTER AUDIO”. Now you and your teacher can talk back and forth just as easily as if you were both in the same room!

Later, for your actual lessons, just be ready at your lesson station a few minutes early, wait for your next “teacher invitation” at lesson time and follow steps #3 & 4. 

If you have any questions about how something will work, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Zack Cook at [email protected] 




  1. Try to find a quiet room or corner where the student can concentrate on their lesson without interruptions and hear the teacher well.
  2. Have the student sit where they can easily view the computer/IPAD/phone screen and where the camera on your device will show both the student and their instrument. 
    1. For violin, woodwinds, brass, drum and guitar, the student should sit or stand directly facing the computer screen (teacher). 
    2. For piano, having the computer at a right angle to the instrument/student works best, so that the teacher can observe the student’s hands but the student can easily turn to see the teacher as well. 
  3. Do a quick “sound test” the first time to make sure both student and teacher can hear.
  4. Start your lesson as usual!


    1. Try to find a quiet room or corner where the student can concentrate on their lesson without interruptions and hear the teacher well.
    2. Have the student stand where they can directly face the computer/IPAD/phone screen and also provide a small amount of space for movement if needed. 
    3. Have your music in a light notebook that you can easily hold if needed, or try to find a way to prop it up in front of you, but don’t block the computer camera or screen!


Important: Students need to have their piano accompaniments already pre-loaded on a phone, computer or other play-back device. This eliminates sound distortion which can occur if transmitted by the teacher. 

  1. Many of you will already have these, but for those who may not,we will make sure that they are sent to you by your teacher prior to the start of any lesson. 
  2. The teacher may also choose to send you accompaniments for your vocal exercises as well. 
  3. Do a quick “sound test” the first time to make sure both student and teacher can hear.
  4. Smile and start your lesson as usual!


March 12, 2020

Dear CHSMA Community,

In response to the Governor’s new directives and the CHCCS school system’s plan for dealing with COVID 19, WE WILL BE SUSPENDING LESSONS DURING THE NEXT TWO WEEKS (3/16-3/28). 

NO LESSONS WILL BE MISSED during this period as we are rearranging our calendar to utilize both our Spring Break Week and our Studio Class Week, during which no regular lessons are ever scheduled and teacher income is not affected. Studio Classes will be rescheduled at various times later in the school year. 

The following week, 3/30-4/4, we will join the school systems in offering all students online lessons or other creative learning options so that lessons continue for students and our teachers can maintain their livelihood and financial security.

Please continue to check for emails from CHSMA and/or your individual teacher for more information. We hope that you will all support our efforts to help create the safest and most caring outcome for our CHSMA community and the greater good for all around us. 
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at [email protected].


Sharon and Rick Szymanski