Classical Music Lessons

Not everyone loves classical music. In fact, some people, even the most skilled musicians, prefer a much faster beat and just a different style altogether. Personal preference aside, though, every musician really should study classical music. After all, it’s generally considered the foundation of music.

If you want your child or yourself to have a proper musical foundation, then we encourage you to sign up for classical music lessons here at Chapel Hill School of Musical Arts.

Better Understand Other Styles

Taking classical music lessons online or in the studio does not mean that a student has to stop studying another type of music. In fact, the study of classical music can often lead to a greater understanding and mastery of other styles.

When a student understands how different styles emerged and how they were impacted by or derived from classical music, they develop a big-picture understanding of music as a whole, which can often increase their own skill. 

Diversify Playing Ability

Another major benefit of classical music lessons at home or in-person is that they allow students to diversify their music knowledge and ability. If a student can only play rock music, they can only get rock gigs.

If a student can play and/or read classical music, on the other hand, they can often transfer these skills into other genres. At the very least, learning classical music is learning a new musical style, one that most music is based on or stems from. The more types of music a musician can play, the more opportunities they’re eligible for.

Learn Musical Theory

Both remote classical music lessons and those offered in person have the benefit of teaching music theory and of being an excellent supplement to musical theory lessons. This type of music is chock full of all the musical concepts students learn about when they study musical  theory. It’s also a great example of basic musical rules and elements, allowing students to really “see” musical theory put into practice. 

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When you search for classical music lessons near me, you may find other schools and teachers. However, rest assured that we are truly one of you or your child’s best options for learning. We treat each student like an individual, feature highly-trained instructors, and go out of our way to provide excellent experiences for all students. To learn more, reach out to us today!