Electric Guitar Lessons

Many people dream of playing the electric guitar. It makes the kind of sound you find in famous rock bands, and playing it well can make you feel like a superstar.

While some people say you have to learn to play acoustic guitar first, that’s not necessarily true. Here at Chapel Hill School of Musical Arts, we believe in following your musical dreams,  no matter what your experience level or lack thereof. Thus, if you or your child is interested in taking electric guitar lessons, we encourage you to try them!

Reduce Stress

When a student signs up for our electric guitar lessons online or in the studio, they’ll instantly start to enjoy the stress-relieving benefits of playing a musical instrument.

Even when you’re just learning and everything feels new and confusing, it can still be fun and exciting. For many students, their lessons with us are what they most look forward to.

It also helps that we employ only the most supportive, encouraging teachers who are trained to bring out the best in each student.

Challenge Yourself

We believe in full disclosure, and we’ll be the first to tell you that taking electric guitar lessons online or in person may not come easy at first. The electric guitar is a challenging instrument, and it takes some time and patience to build your skills.

However, most students take a certain pride and joy in challenging themselves. As they learn and progress with their skills, they’ll feel a sense of accomplishment, which can boost confidence, self-esteem, and overall well being. After all, trying something new, different, and even a little outside of one’s comfort zone is good for the soul!

Learn in New Ways

It’s a well-documented fact that learning to play an instrument has the power to stimulate the brain, and electric guitar is a prime example. When you or your child learn this instrument, you’ll also learn how to multitask, read music, and think about several things at the same time.

Using the brain in new and different ways can turn students into better, more well-rounded, and, in some ways, more intelligent and capable people. This is especially true when you take our in-person or remote electric guitar lessons since they’re backed by research and proven methods that help people learn as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Contact Us Today

If you search for electric guitar lessons near me, you may come across several different schools and instructors. However, rest assured that our lessons and our instructors stand out from the rest. 

We treat every student as an individual, offer unfailing support, and will go the distance to help you or your child achieve your musical goals. To give us a try today, just call or email us, and we’ll get you started down the path toward musical excellence.