Jazz Lessons

A lot of people are hesitant to take jazz lessons. While some do love this genre of music, others aren’t very familiar with it or don’t have much of an interest. To some, it can even seem old-fashioned.

However, as is the case with classical music, jazz music has had a major influence on modern musical styles, as well as on other styles throughout history. And, studying it, whether a student intends to play it regularly or not, can be incredibly beneficial. That’s why, here at Chapel Hill School of Musical Arts, we offer lessons in this genre and encourage all musicians to give it a try.

Improve Your Repertoire

Expanding one’s musical repertoire and range is always a good thing. Musicians who take our jazz lessons online or in person suddenly find that they can play a whole new style of music. This gives them more ways to perform, as well as more opportunities to perform, which is exactly what every musician wants and needs.

Build Your Own Style

When they sign up for jazz lessons at home or in the studio, students are sometimes concerned that the new musical influence will affect their style. And, while these lessons probably will affect a musician’s style, they’ll do so in a good way.

Musicians who understand jazz don’t have to suddenly start playing it all the time. But, they will better understand the music they play, its influences and history,and can start to incorporate some of what they’ve learned into their own music. The more people study music of different styles and types, the more chances they have to make their own style more unique and diverse.

Learn from the Best

Finally, know that our remote jazz lessons and our in-person lessons are taught by the very best and most skilled instructors available. They’re all highly educated and use our supportive, encouraging method of teaching to bring out the best in each and every student.

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When you search for jazz lessons near me, you may find many options. However, none of those options will be quite like us. For a great experience and the best instructors you’ll find anywhere, reach out to CHSMA. You won’t be disappointed!