Percussion Instrument Lessons

Percussion instruments are an important and necessary part of almost any musical group or ensemble. If you’d like to play in such a group or if you’re hoping your child will, then taking percussion instrument lessons from Chapel Hill School of Musical Arts is a great option. Our lessons are taught by world-class instructors and are sure to offer many benefits to students of all ages and from all walks of life.

Improve Coordination and Motor Skills

When students take percussion instrument lessons online or in person, they’re often surprised to find that their overall coordination improves.

They have to use all parts of their hands, arms, and sometimes even their feet to play these instruments correctly. Sure, this can be challenging at the start, but as students learn and grow from their lessons, they’ll improve in these skills as well as in their multitasking abilities. 

Reduce Stress

Taking percussion instrument lessons at home or in the studio can also be a wonderful way to relieve stress. Students get to take time out for themselves to focus on building a skill they enjoy both during their lessons and when they practice on their own. For many people, banging away at their favorite instrument is the perfect way to unleash stress after a tough day of work or school and can do wonders for their mental health.

Express Yourself

Finally, online and in-studio percussion instrument lessons provide students with an excellent creative outlet and a way to find their own unique sound. Percussion instruments can be played as quickly or as slowly as one wants. Plus, many students enjoy creating their own beats and rhythms to find their own musical style. Our friendly, supportive instructors encourage this kind of self-discovery and exploration and use proven teaching methods to get the best out of every student.

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