We are really proud of the work we get to do in the greater Chapel Hill community.  But, just don’t take our word for it!

“Our family has worked with several teachers during our time at CHSMA. All have been wonderful, and just a pleasure to work with. The school hums with energy and support, admin are great at sorting out dates and times for your child/ren and the school puts on four seminars per year to challenge and deepen your child’s understanding of musical options.
Chuck Higgins and Dan Mason are just outstanding, working with my son who has auditory processing issues. They took a child who was completely tone deaf and taught him to recognize and make music, in time and in tune. I am eternally grateful that we found CHSMA.” – L. B.

“We love our instructors – Amazing!” D. K.

“I love taking classes here!  I take voice lessons with Meris (who, btw, is a DREAM). Although, after attending a couple functions, they’re *all* personable and great to be around, let alone absolutely talented.  Melissa was the person who conducted the interview. She is charm, knowledge, and warmth in one person. She loooves the school and her energy catches in a delightful way. Are you a primary caregiver of a child about to take classes? There’s a waiting room, a shopping center nearby, and a private parking lot if you decide to stay close during their lessons.  Hope you have as great of an experience as I’ve had!” – R.R.

“My family is amazed at the overall support from CHSMA and we are happy to be a part of the CHSMA family!” – R. P.

“My daughter has taken classes here for several years. They are professionals and have prepared her to be successful as a music major in college.” – T. S.

When I auditioned for the Summer Musical Theatre Intensive, I had no idea what to expect from this program or the people involved-I’ve been at the studio for years but this side of it was all new to me. I was nervous at first that the experience wouldn’t be as enjoyable as most of the theatre I do since I knew no one going in. At the same time I worried the show wouldn’t challenge me the way I was hoping. Both of these thoughts soon flew out of my mind. Melissa was an amazing director whose passion for the material and the program was obvious and is unfortunately rare among high school level directors. After SMTI, I knew I had to continue with this program, and am so glad I decided to do so.” – K.C.

“Our daughter was enrolled as a student at Chapel Hill School of Musical Arts as a sixth grader, nearly seven years ago, in the fall of 2006. I had found the studio after doing an online search, looking for beginning vocal instruction for my then 11 year old who was showing both interest in pursuing lessons and some real vocal abilities. Other instructors who I had contacted in Chapel Hill were quick to dismiss her young age and suggested I wait until she was older. Sharon Szymanski made an appointment to meet with me without hesitation. After a thorough meeting with both me and my daughter to hear our questions and then provide an overview of what her studio could provide us, she suggested that my daughter take lessons with Ariel Reed, an accomplished vocal instructor on her faculty who specialized in teaching the younger students. I would not have been able to imagine the incredible growth that my daughter would have as a student at the studio under Ms. Reed’s instruction. These past six years of instruction have clearly made the difference in my daughter’s vocal performance. The weekly private lessons, group lessons, workshops with nationally recognized vocal coaches, and recital performances have trained her incredibly well. She has participated in five state competitions hosted by the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS), advancing twice to mid-Atlantic regional competitions. This summer she was accepted into the North Carolina Governor’s School five week program at Salem College in Winston Salem NC for choral music study. Looking ahead to college, she plans to continue studying voice wherever she ends up and Sharon Szymanski has again provided her time and advice in assisting my daughter on that selection. The joy that my daughter’s vocal experiences have brought her and the joy that her vocal performances have brought our family cannot be separated from the outstanding instruction she has had a the Chapel Hill School of Musical Arts. An exceptional studio in our community!” – J. V.

“We really had a wonderful opportunity to be part of CHSMA for the past year and a half. The staff are very accommodating. Our teacher is a blessing. [Our daughter] has improved a lot in confidence and [her teacher[ made sure to instill the passion for music and the necessity of discipline in training. “  – G. N.

“[Our teacher] has provided the energy and enthusiasm that I think has been key to inspire [our daughter] over the years of practice.” – C. R.

“Very happy with progress our daughter has made; ease and clarity of communication; consistency and quality; looking forward to another year!” – Anonymous

“Thank you for founding such an amazing school. It changed our lives forever.” – K. P.

“School offers a big convenience factor with class availability, location close to home, competitive price and make-up/summer leave policy. Have a very great experience with our teacher.” – D. W.

“My very good friend just texted me asking about the acting program. Of course I told him all about it (and gushed about the amazing director) and he was so excited that he’s going to enroll! He also told me that he signed up for voice lessons, which is amazing because he’s got a great voice. It was so fun for me to hear this because he told me that it was all caused by our Godspell performance and how great he thought it was. I love that something that a couple of high school students did can impress someone that much. Sorry for my rant, but I’m just so excited!” – A.K.