We believe that anyone, regardless of perceived skill, experience level or age can learn to sing or play a musical instrument.  This has been our core philosophy from the beginning, and we still stand by it!  We love having students of all ages take lessons with us.


We accept students as young as 4 years old for lessons on piano or strings!  As students grow and mature, more instruments become available to them for instruction.  By the time students are 9 years old, we feel they can successfully learn to play any instrument that interests them!  Age is only one of the guidelines we use to assess readiness to take an instrument.  A high level of interest, a motivation to practice, and adult support are all important factors for success that we take into consideration when making recommendations.


We have a vibrant teen community that appreciates our ability to fit into their busy schedules.  We offer lessons Monday through Friday with appointments as late as 8:00PM.  We’re also open on Saturdays!


We love adults!  And our adult students take lessons for a wide variety of lessons:

  • Some are renewing a forgotten skill from their youth or teen years;
  • Some are complete beginners starting a new skill from scratch;
  • Some are college or graduate students who want to supplement their academic studies with the arts;
  • Some are seniors looking for an activity that brings joy and growth to their lives;
  • Some wish to acquire some kind of mastery in their musical endeavors and some just want to have fun in the process.

Whatever the reason, our adult students enjoy access to highly qualified instructors with experience teaching students of all ages.


We work hard with our students to find convenient scheduling for the whole family.  We can frequently help families minimize the amount of trips they need to make to provide music instruction to their whole family.


Need a short summary on this still.  First, need to figure out exactly what services we are able to offer and which we cannot.