Why Study Music?


Every day we hear more information about the value of having music in our lives.  If you’ve missed the news, look below!

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  • Teaches the value of consistency and persistence
  • Allows us to understand other cultures and times by showing relationships between music, society, and ideas.
  • Helps us to develop independence, organization and problem-solving
  • Helps improve mathematical ability
  • Helps improve reading ability
  • Helps us to understand basic principles of acoustics and physics
  • Unleashes creativity through interpretation, composition and expression
  • Allows us to work with others to create a concrete artistic experience

In addition, there are documented relationships between music study and academic success, college admissions, and other areas that predict success in career and life. While all of this is wonderful, let’s not forget the most important reason of all:  IT’S FUN!  Music helps us relate to others, provides social interaction, and allows us to discover the parts of ourselves that are unique and special in life.